Mikey and his mom have been in school together since kindergarten because his mom is a teacher. But this year, they are in a new city and will be going to separate schools. On the first day at the new school, Mikey notices that his teacher is doing some of the same things his mom and the teachers from his old school did. How could this be? Go with Mikey as his imagination takes you on an adventure to discover the secret his mom and the teachers have all been hiding.


 A beautiful story about valuing what is in front of us when the world stops. Sheltering in place has become the new norm for us all, and the virus is a daily household topic. This book gives parents and their children a positive way to discuss what they have lost and what they have found in this unprecedented time.

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America can be seen as a “melting pot”, full of different cultural backgrounds and lived experiences. Unfortunately, there are times when people may feel as though they cannot practice their culture due to comments and reactions from people who may have a different culture. “I’m An American Too!” celebrates everyone’s individuality, and teaches children to embrace their differences. It is important for children to understand that there are many different people and cultures in the world, and that it is ok to be different. Celebrating and acknowledging everyone's individuality, this book teaches children to embrace their differences while realizing we're all the same because we're American.