Week 1: Welcome to the Teacher Monster Club

What is the Teacher Monster Club?

The Teacher Monster Club is a collaboration of educators who believe that relationships matter the most! Teachers are the building blocks that connect communities and help children engage by building on connections. The Teacher Monster Club is a platform for educators to share resources, support educators in a community that focuses on relationship building. The club started with two Fairfax County educators and Positivity Project Third grade Curriculum Development Coordinators who believe teachers are the core foundation in building our future.

As educators our goal is for students to feel loved, to cultivate a growth mindset and to understand that they are “change makers” in their school, community and beyond!

Meet Mrs. Wilson

I have taught in 2 states and 4 different cities in urban, rural and now suburban America. I have a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education and a Masters degree in Curriculum and instruction with an emphasis on English as a Second Language. I have always focused on character and social curriculum within my classroom. I think about all the students who have had life changing revelations through the discussions and exposure that I provided them with, by centering my classroom on building relationships.

As a teacher and a mother of two I’ve had the privilege to see the incredible impact of building relationships on my students and my own children. I have witnessed the students light up and have such in depth conversations because of the safe environment I have provided for them. I have also had the opportunity to see my own children express their admiration for their teachers because of the relationship they have with them.

Meet Ms. Hughes

As an educator for more than 19 years in both rural and urban neighborhoods, I have focused on character education in my curriculum and classroom experience. I am a former Michigan State Grad, received my Masters Degree at Marygrove University, and recently finished a program at Old Dominion University focusing on ESOL and Special Ed. What led me to teaching is my passion to create a positive learning environment where all children can succeed. The key to promote success is building relationships. Children need to have a positive self-image and relationships in order to grow.

I have several resources and tools to help other educators build positive relationships. My goal each day when the children walk into my room is for them to feel loved and know that they can change the world. I greet my students each day at the door and continue to call them “My Change Makers”, I hope to empower others across this nation to be “change makers” by creating resources that give children the proper tools to make a difference. I am passionate about building relationships and I have witnessed how it has already made a difference in my class and school.

Latoya Wilson and Katherine Hughes have been working together at Aldrin Elementary. We both have a passion for growing students in every aspect of their life. We both would love to help other educators to focus on relationships. The more children we can reach through relationships, the greater change we can make for the future!

What qualifies us as teacher experts?

As educators our goal is for students to feel loved, to cultivate a growth mindset and to understand that they are “change makers” in their school, community and beyond. Throughout our 40 years of combined teaching, we have focused on relationship building. As educators and consultants we helped develop the curriculum for the nationwide Positivity Project (/posproject.org/our-team/). As a team our curriculum has been implemented nationally. Our goal is to help other educators establish a community where they can gain insight on how to build positive relationships with students.

We’ve taught across all socioeconomic classes in both urban and rural settings. We’ve wiped tears and noses. We work hard to foster all relationships from day one. From the minute a student walks through our door until the day they leave they know that they are loved and welcome.

Why relationships?

“Positive student relationships are fundamental to success. When students feel supported in your classroom, they are more likely to engage in learning and have better academic outcomes. Plus, when students have positive interactions with teachers, they have fewer behavioral problems.”We are passionate about building relationships and have witnessed how it has already made a difference in our classes, school, and community. Latoya Wilson and I are impressed with how the students in third grade continue to think about how other people matter and focus on relationship building. Our students in the past have produced a movie trailer and school/community wide penny campaign to raise for hurricane relief efforts. Locally our students organized lemonade stands to raise funds for their classmate who had terminal cancer. It’s amazing to see students take the initiative to be leaders by helping others.

Thank you for stopping by!

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