Week 10: Practicing Gratitude During a Pandemic

From the TMC Team

Kristina Hughes and Katherine Hughes

Gratitude- noun- “the quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and return to kindness.”

Gratitude may be one of the most powerful words.In a time that feels like a post alpolic film, we need to find ways to view the world with gratitude.

During Thanksgiving we try to remember what we are thankful for. During 2020, a bleak time of stress and change many people and teachers are struggling to give thanks. We teach the power of gratitude from the thankful jar and Giving tree. It’s now time to implement it in our daily lives.

One way to practice gratitude, is to create a “Thankful Teacher” network where you share praise, quotes or things you are thankful for by setting up a texting chain or group page where teachers can share links that give back.

On Thanksgiving my family would go around the table and share one thing they were thankful for. We should practice this daily. One way to practice gratitude is by creating a gratitude jar and putting a message in it daily. When you are stressed or having a bad day you can open it and like a piggy bank you can cash in for a gratitude message. It’s amazing how that one piece of paper can change your outlook.

Gratitude Jars created by Mya Wilson and Kat Hughes

There is a whole science/ psychology of gratitude. The gratitude mindset can help combat anxiety and depression. By practicing daily gratitude you can gradually shift your mental and physical health to reduce anxiety over time. It’s important to train your mind to focus on “the haves” instead of the “have nots.”

One way to practice gratitude is to play a gratitude game, for example create a gratitude scavenger hunt. During the hunt, share a fond memory, something that brought a smile to your face, cherished photos and even a talent you have. The scavenger hunt can translate to time in your classroom. You can share something your students did that made you laugh, smile the kids’ artwork and even praise you heard from a fellow teacher or parent

Let’s make gratitude a part of our daily lives. It’s time to give thanks and be “Thankful Teachers.”

Please check out the video, resources and ideas of how to share gratitude from the Teacher’s Monster Club.

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