Week 11: Covid19 Through The Eyes of Children.

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Katherine Hughes

Latoya Wilson

In a time that feels like a post- apocalyptic film, we need to look through the lense of a child. I am currently teaching virtually and have mixed emotions about the process. I miss seeing my students and co-workers face to face. Recently I ran into a student outside of school, she was so excited to see me in person. She shared with her mom, “I feel like I’m walking on air...I’m so happy. I can’t believe I got to meet my teacher in real life”. This response opened my eyes to how my students are feeling during the pandemic. Honestly, this interaction confirmed the importance of building relationships whether you are in person or virtual.

During 2020, a bleak time of stress, rapid change and uncertainty many teachers, parents and students are struggling with the pandemic. We teach students to have a growth mindset, be empathetic and think of other peoples’ perspectives. It is essential that right now we take the same advice we give our students. As educators during the pandemic we need to continue to connect with students. We can learn best from the students in our class.

The Teacher Monster Club decided to interview students from a variety of grades to gain insight on the child’s perspective when it comes to the pandemic and school. We can learn so much simply by asking questions and listening to one another. We hope you enjoy hearing from students across the United States.

How has the pandemic made you feel?

Mya third grade student: “It made me feel scared. Happy because I get to spend time with my family. I'm a little sad because I didn't get to go back to school. Frustrated because you can’t go to different places. I no longer can go to places I went to last year.”

Jack fourth grade student :Well sometimes it makes me feel sad because I can’t see my family that much”

Cait sixth grade student in an Elementary School: The pandemic makes me feel sad and frustrated. There are families suffering and it didn't have to be this bad. If everyone would just wear a mask, we would all be safer. I hope I will be able to say good-bye to Aldrin in person. I miss my school.”

Arion sixth grade student in a Middle School: “Everyone seems to yell a lot.”

Michael seventh grade student : “It’s not much different because I’m still doing all the same things”

Taya eleventh grade student: Honestly it has made me emotional and bored. It also has brought out good things. I have been able to work on myself a lot. I miss how everything used to be”

How has your school experience changed?

Mya third grade student: “Virtual school is fun, but it gets hard at times because we don’t get to take tests physically. So my teacher can’t help me when I take a test. And sometimes the technology does not work.”

Jack fourth grade student: “I like school. Virtual is easier because I can focus more with less distractions.”

Cait sixth grade student in an Elementary School: My school day is quiet. I am an only child so I spend the day alone at my desk in my swivel chair.”

Arion sixth grade student in a Middle School: “I hate it. It is unnecessary and it makes the work harder. Every single teacher gives us 6 assignments everyday and we get in trouble if we don’t get them all done.”

Michael seventh grade student: “When I am in class virtually it is harder to pay attention. When I am in class virtually, I doze off or I don’t get the stuff they are saying. I can’t ask questions right away because the chat is off.”

Taya eleventh grade: “I have done well online. I like it better and my grades are a lot better because I can move at my own pace. I miss one on one’s with the teacher talking to me. But my grades are better.”

Tell us about your teacher during this time?

Mya third grade student: “She is nice. She is helpful. She is serious. She cares. She helps us out a lot. There is no difference between my in person teacher and virtual teacher.”

Jack fourth grade student: “I think she is a really good teacher and I am happy to have her because she is really good at explaining things to make things so much easier to understand. Yea, I just really like her. “

Cait sixth grade student in an Elementary School:My teacher finds ways to connect with my class through the screen. He shares his travels, makes us laugh, and challenges us to do our best work. I think he is awesome.”

Arion sixth grade student in a Middle School: “I only like one of my teachers. She is funny and she is more active with the kids.”

Michael seventh grade student: “I like some of my teachers. Not all of them are the best or the worst. I like some of them. I would be able to pay attention more in person. I think the teachers would act the same in person as they do virtually.”

Taya eleventh grade student: “I think they are handling things better than I expected. They give us extension time and they check up on us a lot. I think they are doing good.”

What advice would you give your teacher during the pandemic?

Mya third grade student: “Always have the chat on.”

Jack fourth grade student: “I would tell them that even though times are hard, we can make it through this together so we can get back to school”

Cait sixth grade student in an Elementary School: “I am lucky because my teacher likes checking in with us one-on-one and we have good talks. I would tell all teachers in general to keep your cameras on because it is much easier to connect with a live human than it is to connect with an avatar. Everyone is trying to figure out virtual learning as we go. We are all problem-solving this together even though we are not in the same room.”

Arion sixth grade student in a Middle School: “Let us talk to the people in the class instead of staring at the screen all day. Instead of them talking, let us talk more.”

Michael seventh grade student: “Be more clear with what you're teaching. This is a learning opportunity, so when the next pandemic comes we will be ready for that.”

Taya eleventh grade student: “Definitely explain stuff better. Use videos instead of typing out directions. Because we don’t have one on one talk with the teacher, videos would make it easier.”

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