Week 3: Fresh New Ideas for morning meeting

Fresh new morning meeting ideas for Virtual Learning!

From the TMC Team

Katherine Hughes

My mom always told me to never skip breakfast. As a teacher the real bacon and eggs is the morning meeting. As many of us venture into a virtual classroom we may spend hours on the greater web looking for ways to start the day. Well look no farther! The Teacher Monster Club is here to help you out. We are here to help you spark up your morning meeting routine whether it is done virtually or in person. The key is to start the morning by building relationships. We all know as educators that it is essential for your students when they walk through the door or even join a zoom meeting that there will be a greet, activity, and a time to share.

One way to spice up the morning meeting routine is by creating spirit days. Students always look forward to theme days and are able to make connections with one another. Look below to find Monster Teacher Club approved spirit days.

Share your Favorite Toy Tuesday:

This is a wonderful way for your students to learn about one another. They can continue to make connections with one another and learn about each other’s interest. Remember finding out your students’ interest is key to relationships.

Wacky Wild Hair Wednesday:

It’s time to let loose and let your hair down. Wear your hair wild and enjoy your classmates’

Salon creations.

Where in the World Wednesday?

How many of you remember Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Well, it is time for your students to share a picture of a place they have visited. Students will then have to guess the place they visited by looking at the picture. This is a great way to learn more about each other.

Thankful Thursday Scavenger Hunt

I know most children love a scavenger hunt. Challenge your students to find an item to share that represents what they are thankful for. Practicing gratitude is an element of building relationships.

Fur Friend Friday

Have your students bring a picture or stuffed animal to share on Fur Friend Friday. If class is doing virtual learning, have your students share their pet live. This is a wonderful way to learn more about each other. We all love sharing about our pets and stuffed animals!

Below is a list of other wonderful resources you may want to check out to spice up your Virtual or in Person morning meetings! I only include links and products that I love!

Distance Learning Activities for Zoom or Google Meet https://www.notsowimpyteacher.com/2020/04/distance-learning-activities-for-zoom-or-google-meet.html?fbclid=IwAR1zndiPJ_OkYItm8NbFD3rTWGqv5mAaTXnjfna-VCMeI6JzaLnBg_ig0_k

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