Week 8: Did That Really Just Happen?

From the TMC Team

Katherine Hughes

Did that just happen?

When it comes to teaching we all have stories of the good, bad, and ugly! I know there are multiple times in the day where I may hold back laughter or even tears. The job is full of nonstop memorable moments!

My poor fiance practically every night hears a story from room 202....it may simply start with you won't believe what .......said. These instances are just one of the many reasons teaching is unforgettable. We all have these moments....it is time to celebrate them. Please take some time to post some of your most memorable good, bad, and ugly moments. The Teacher Monster Club looks forward to hearing from you!!

Check out the Podcast to hear some of our most memorable did that just happen moments! We look forward to sharing the good, bad, and ugly with you.

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