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Amanda Niaves has 37 years of experience in public education. She worked as a classified employee for San Diego City Schools as an instructional aide, and she is in her 34th year as a certificated employee. Amanda has worked as Teacher at the elementary, middle, and high school level, a School Counselor at the elementary and middle school levels, an Assistant Principal, a Principal, and a District Coordinator.  Amanda attended College at UCSD, Revelle College, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Math, Computer Science with a Minor in French Literature. Amanda earned her Master of Arts Degree in Teaching and Learning as well as her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, Administrative Credential, and Pupil Personnel Services Credential from Point Loma Nazarene College, and she has completed her doctoral coursework in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University. Currently, Amanda is working for the Hemet Unified School District as the School Counselor at Cottonwood TK-8 School. As a school counselor, Amanda is able to conduct classroom lessons focused on Social Emotional, Academic, and College and Career Skills. She works with individual students, as well as small groups as they navigate life's challenging issues of loss, anxiety, broken relationships, substance abuse, self-harm, hopelessness, academic failures, and identity struggles. As a PLUS Coordinator, Amanda also guides Middle School youth to use their voices to create the change that is needed on a school campus as well as empower inclusion, and foster peer connections. Amanda uses tools of Mindfulness and Restorative Practices to help students learn how to help themselves and those around them.

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Lindsey Joseph is an educator committed to student and teacher success with 20+ years of experience as an English Teacher, Mentor teacher, Instructional Coach, Literacy Coach, and an Administrator. LPJsCreations provides creative and innovative resources for virtual, hybrid and the classroom at your fingertips.

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