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Mrs. Sheila Tatten Hernandez

Throughout her career, Ms. Sheila Tatten Hernandez has taught various ages and grade levels, but she finds her current position as an Early Intervention Program (EIP) teacher one of her most satisfying roles.  For Ms. Hernandez, teaching elementary students, specifically those who require reading and math intervention strategies, is about meeting needs early and preparing kids for long-term success.  She understands that learners thrive in a classroom environment full of stimulating and challenging activities, and she keenly understands that each student is unique and special.  Her creative planning and hands-on “real world” experiences are designed to give her students confidence in themselves, connection to others, and an understanding of their value as change-makers in the world.


Along with her expertise as a Reading Specialist, Ms. Hernandez holds a deep well of knowledge about teaching, she knows and applies Best Practices, and she is always willing to learn from others in service to better teaching.  Her favorite moment with a student is when she sees “the lightbulb turn on” after struggling to understand information.  That’s when Ms. Hernandez loves to cheer, “See! I knew you could do it!”


For Ms. Hernandez, a day spent focusing on relationships is like a single stone that sends significant ripples out into the world.  She knows that kids who are connected, balanced, self-confident, and loved become adults who will demonstrate that “Relationships Matter More!”

Educational Background:

Ms. Hernandez is a graduate of both Ohio Wesleyan and Idaho State Universities, and she holds a Master’s degree from the University of Virginia.  Additionally, her continuing education means she truly values her colleagues and veteran teachers as influential and essential to her own professional growth and development.  “I love learning from my teammates,” she says.  “As a teacher, we can never say we’ve ‘arrived.’ Good teachers are always the best students!”



In her spare time, Ms. Hernandez loves to work out, watch soccer games, read, hike, cook, travel, and spend time with friends and family.  She and her husband love to learn about other cultures.